Website Downtime Alerting System

You never know when your website goes down ? Do you ?

Every hosting provider gives you a guarantee of 100% availability. Do you know its the really the case ? It can go down for so many unexpected reasons. We always try to avoid that, but it happens you know..

So Can you always keep an eye on them ? Don't worry, We will take care of this and more, even when you are sleeping. We will notify you on your phone via SMS or Email when your website goes down. So that you can take remedial action.

We take care of the following


Worried your site might go down? We monitor from multiple locations and will report any downtime. Our probes run worldwide and alert you via Slack, mail or a webhook of your choice. We are machine friendly, We don’t harm your systems.


You can have your critical api to be monitored for a expected result. You can make GET, POST, HEAD, PUT Requests


Expiration dates, revocation lists, certificate changes, distrusted certificate authorities,… you name it, we monitor it.


Loading HTTP content on an HTTPS site is blocked in browsers as it poses a security risk. Our scans will list all pages on your site that have mixed content.

Nobody wants to hit a 404 page. We can automatically notify you as soon as we detect a broken link on your site.


Get notified instantly when something goes wrong. Via e-mail, Slack, HipChat, SMS, Pushover.

Cost : 2 websites 10$ a month paid annually


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