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PHP Deployment Improved

(simulated run)
(simulated run)

Setup your project in minutes

All you need to do is

  1. Give your project a Name
  2. Provide ther version of your PHP that you use on your DEV BOX eg. PHP 5.6
  3. Mention all the PHP extensions that you use in your application
  4. Select the git service you use, and Key in your username and password. Rollout will automatically grab the repositories for you. Just pick one that you require.
  5. Add your slack team info and get your team notified on the slack.
  6. Provide Staging Server, Production Server [more info]
  7. Make sure your configurations are correct by doing "Test Connection"

Baked for you as Recipe

Recipe are prebuilt steps that are executed with your project config settings

  • Step 1: Check PHP Version on the cloud.

    Make sure your cloud server PHP version meets your required version.

    Lots of functions get depreciated in newer versions and if you upload your codebase without this check, your application may break in several places. You will be wasting lots of time in debugging your breaking code and fixing.

  • Step 2: Check if all your required extensions are present

    At times as you build new features you may be using extensions. Many times you tend to forget installation of these extensions on your server. Rollout checks all your required extensions are already installed or not. If it is not installed, it will halt the installation.

    This prevents code getting broken due to a missing extension on the cloud. Hence it saves a lot of your time to find the reason for broken code and install the missing extensions.

  • Step 3: Dependency Installation via Composer

    Just commit your composer.json, composer.lock on alongside in your project. Rollout automatically installs all the required libraries via composer

  • Step 4: Check for php syntax of your project

    There could be syntax errors in your code even after lots of quality assurance checks. Roll-out does a complete syntax check on all your php files and make sure nothing breaks after your code is uploaded to the live servers.

Supported Cloud Platforms

We support all the cloud platforms are available. Here are some of them we support.

Amazon Web Services


Google Cloud




Use Rollout To deploy

It can be CMS, E-Commerce Platform like Magento or It could be a webapp built with frameworks like codeigniter, laravel, yii. Or it could be event a custom application built with Plain / vanilla PHP. Rollout will help you to deploy on to the cloud.





Yii 1 & 2


Custom Apps

Use Rollout To Migrate

Are you looking to migrate your website from shared hosting server to cloud service but don’t have the technical know-how to do it by yourself? Talk to our migration team today about migrate your website. Moving your website from one hosting provider to another can sometimes present unforeseen technical problems as web server technologies can vary from one platform to another. We will however be able to determine the majority of these issues in advance of completing a migration ensuring minimum or no downtime.

If you would like our team to review your website and provide you with a migration proposal, please drop us a line @ .


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