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What is it ?

Its a Rollout System for PHP based dynamic websites and Web Apps and MySQL Database Migration System

Have You faced these problems ?

Manual File Uploads

Say No to manual file uploads. As you may miss any files to upload. If you’re FTPing files up, you’re probably not using versioning. You lose automation. You might overwrite someone else’s files. Also there is no way to rollback in case your upload caused an outage.

Wasting Lot of Time

Finding manually what are the files that you have updated / changed is really painful before uploading. You waste lot of time finding these files and uploading manually. Lot of Time is wasted.

No way Rollback

Experienced long outages as you did not have a contigency plan for your errorneous deployment.


Carefully Crafted For Smooth Roll-out of your websites.

  • Built With (& For) LAMP Stack.

    Built completely in LAMP Stack and its built for PHP based webapps and websites.

  • Setup in a minute.

    No long hours of setup needed. Just on the Go. Provide the Hosting information, Version Control System info. We will roll-out for you. No Commandline expertise required.

  • Seamless Integration with Version Control Systems

    Focus on your code. Collobrate.

    Take advantage of the Version Control System like Github and Bitbucket. Roll-out is integrated well with Github and Bitbucket. Deploy your application at the click of the button.

  • No Linux Expertise Required.

    No need to have ssh access or run any complex commands or scripts to deploy your website.

Roll-out Team

Napoleon Arouldas

Lead Developer

Anik Roy

Junior Web Developer


Junior Web Developer


Junior Web Developer

Though Small and Young. We Strive To do Something Big.


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